A Prayer For A Heart Of Obedience

Father, we thank You for the record of Scripture that not only encourages and instructs us, but also provides examples of those who choose to follow or disobey Your commands. The consequence of their actions further instructs us about Your promise of blessing or judgment. We also see Your provision of Jesus who mercifully saves us from the awful mess we make of our lives when we forsake Your commands. Though technology has advanced exponentially with each passing generation we find that human behavior remains the same as that from the time of Adam and Eve after the fall. We are great sinners and You provide a great Saviour for which we are thankful. In living for Christ we are able to heed the warnings written in Scripture and experience the peace and blessing that comes in walking faithfully with You, our Father and our God. We love You and thank You for Jesus in whose name we pray. Amen.

Publiszzz on |29-01-2019|

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