A Prayer For Calm In The Midst Of Urgency

Father, You know that many of my days are spent at a frantic pace. Often it’s due to my improper use of time, other times it’s responding to unexpected needs that arise. As I invite You to examine my heart and mind, I lay before You the people, projects, and pursuits that drain me of needed peace and rest and further away from a heart and mind that is fully submitted to You. Though You have not removed me bodily from this world, You have raised me up spiritually to find peace and rest even as I carry out my daily duties. As a vehicle needs fuel to properly function, I need Scripture and prayer to uphold and equip me for the day that lies ahead so I place this discipline at the top of my list and submit all other duties in accordance to Your leading. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

Publiszzz on |10-02-2019|

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