A Prayer For Godly Parents

Father, we’re given the example of sterling young men like Azariah, and his fellow Hebrew friends, who refused the Babylonian king’s orders, to bow down to the golden image. Surely they were weary of enduring the daily testing as they were few in number standing against the godless culture of their day. Was it the teachings their parents presented of Moses who stood time after time before the godless Pharoah as he sought the release of the Jews? Was it the story of God providing a ram just seconds before Abraham was going to slay his only son, Isaac? Was it their parents who reinforced that God always comes through in His perfect timing to provide for their needs or deliver them from trouble? Perhaps they’d witnessed numerous challenges their parents were dealt as they remained steadfast in their faith. In the land of many gods they continued to bow down to only one, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We ask your blessings upon all who seek to pass on Biblical faith to their children and equip them to stand when the day of evil comes. In our Lord’s mighty Name we pray. Amen

Publiszzz on |02-05-2019|

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