A Prayer For God’s Glory

Father, thank You for Jesus, the Bright Morning Star. We also thank You for John the Baptist who had a vital role as prophet of the Highest when he gave knowledge of salvation to unbelievers leading them to repentance of their sins. We thank You that he came to give light to those who sat in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide their feet into the way of peace. We consider the ultimate price that he paid in laying down his life because he was a prophet who spoke the truth even when it cost him everything. He didn’t preach “peace and comfort” to those practicing sin, but instead he told them how to be saved. Help us to follow his example and lead unbelievers to the Bright Morning Star who will guide us through this dark, sin troubled world to the eternal abode where there will be no more night, for Your glory will give us light and the Lamb will be as a lamp for all to see. Keep us faithful until that eventful day we pray. Amen.