A Prayer For Health Care Professionals

Father, help us to have the heart and motivation of the good Samaritan when he saw the helpless man along the way. Taking the time to stop and help surely wasn’t on his schedule that day nor were the stranger’s medical and lodging expenses written into the Samaritan’s budget. He didn’t consider these substantial factors to be an obstacle that would keep him from extending mercy to one in need. Father, help us to be Your hand extended reaching out to the needy, the sick, and the oppressed. Help us to be a willing vessel whom You can use to pour out healing, to mend the broken-hearted and to bind up their wounds. And, Father, when it is not within our ability, our resources, or our location to directly reach the one in need, prompt us to bring him or her before the throne in earnest prayer. We do it in Jesus’ name and for Your honor. Amen.