A Prayer For Kindness

Father, our lives are often tossed to and fro by the billows of heartache, loss, and uncertainty. We’re so grateful for caring friends who are like the islanders of Malta in Acts 28 who cheer us on and wave us in as we’re seeking steady, dry land. They welcome us with warmth like that of a sizzling campfire when we’re drenched with chilling water from the billowing sea. Rather than shake their finger at us and scolding us for getting caught in the storm, they provide shelter, food, and wise counsel so that we no longer feel alone or fear that we will perish in our troubles. Help us to kindle our friendship by acting as a lighthouse giving out Scriptural light to navigate our friends through the scourging rocks of sin and despair. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Publiszzz on |15-07-2019|

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