A Prayer For Lasting Marriages

Father, what a joy it is to walk along life’s pathway with a loving companion who is present during times of celebration and times of disappointment. It seems that You make him strong when I am weak, and when he is weak You make me strong. You blend our strengths and weaknesses to make us an effective spiritual team and a genuinely committed family. Thank you for your countless blessings that far outnumber the difficulties and heartaches of our lives. I pray that you would encourage our readers who are presently going through marital strife. Remind them that they will experience future blessing as they endure and work through their present difficulties. When we cut short the permanency intended in a marital relationship we miss so much of the blessing that comes years later after many of the earlier struggles are but a memory. Thank you for the spouse of my youth who remains my constant companion as we grow old together. What a marvelous blessing for which we are thankful! Amen.