A Prayer For Maintaining A Soft Heart

Father, we want our hearts to remain soft and pliable so that we do not lose our spiritual sensitivity to hear and obey Your voice. We remember those who once had soft, pliable hearts that have hardened over time. They no longer hear You or sense Your presence in their life. Their spiritual vision has darkened. Help us, Lord, once again on this day to taste and see that You are good. You are the Bread of Life that does not spoil. You satisfy our hunger and quench our thirst as we dip from Your spring of living water. The world only offers temporary substitutes that can entrap and draw us away from Your eternal pleasures. We want to remain vigilant in Your Word and heed Your ways so there is no buildup of sin that over time hardens our heart toward You. We want to be steadfast and stouthearted so that we will unswervingly hold to the hope we profess, for You who promised is faithful. Amen.

Publiszzz on |05-11-2021|

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