A Prayer For Meditating On God’s Word

Father, deep in my soul I have peace and reassurance as I “chew” on a particular Scripture verse throughout my day. You speak to me through Your Word and it refreshes and often challenges me as it lingers in my mind. It helps me to focus not just on the here and now, but on that which was spoken thousands of years ago or on our future dwelling in the promised land of heaven. Sometimes You use the words of a Christian song and it’s recurring tune to fill my thoughts as I go about my work. At times You bring to mind the words of a Christian friend or a written message that draws me from indifference or complacency and inspires me to meditate on the Living Word. You satisfy my hungry heart and fill my thirsty soul with Your living water. Help me to indulge regularly in life-changing eternal truths from Your Holy Word. Amen.