A Prayer For Peace On Earth

Father, our hearts are heavy today as we continue to see the disastrous results of a country that has turned away from its original purpose for existence. Our current laws have dictated that Your Ten Commandments have no place in the discourse of public education. The government has stripped itself of the right to pray and seek Your approval when establishing the laws that govern our lives. Many cry out, “Where was God?” when the gunman killed 20 young children along with six courageous instructors. Yet, all that Scripture teaches us about how to live and show love one to another is referred to as old-fashioned, irrelevant, a thing of the past. Experts come from every direction to discuss their thoughts, but we know the only lasting answer to our need is provided for us in the arrival of Your Son, Jesus, who came to deliver us from our sins. How we pray for a mighty revival to sweep our land, revive our hearts and turn people away from their sins. We thank You for Your infinite mercy, and pray for Your comfort to be heaped upon those whose loved ones were stolen from them by the enemy fire. May our brothers and sisters nearby have an inroad to these hurting families as they reach out to them with the love that only You can provide through their loving endeavors. We also pray for the rescue workers and officials overseeing the crime scene, that You would guide them in wisdom. Fade from their memory the visual horrors to which they are exposed. We pray this in Christ’s name. Amen.

Publiszzz on |03-11-2019|

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