A Prayer For Restoration

Father, we rejoice with Valla in her new found relationship with her birth father. How wonderful that they share the same faith and same values enabling them to build a loving bond as father and daughter in their later adult years. There are millions of fatherless children who don’t know their birth fathers and feel unloved, unimportant and unwanted. We pray for responsible parenting and Biblical morality to be restored in our land. How desperately we need a revival where people will be saved, delivered, and reconciled to You, and seek to reconcile themselves to those they have cast aside. We pray for those who are still in the waiting period for a miracle such as Valla’s. May they find their sense of belonging and acceptance through You, our loving Father, and as joint heirs with Christ who gave His all that we might be adopted into Your eternal family. Amen.

Publiszzz on |16-09-2021|

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