A Prayer For Running Well

Jesus, the race You’ve marked out for us doesn’t require nearly as much physical stamina as it does spiritual endurance. Those who are physically weak due to disease, illness, and aging are just as qualified to run as those who have young athletic bodies. It’s a spiritual race where You call us to perseverance as we discard those things that would trip us up, lead us on a disastrous detour or a total defeat. The great cloud of witnesses spur us on; those from the Biblical period, throughout history, and from our own generation. But above all we thank You, Jesus, that You endured the cross and all the suffering that accompanied it, being spurred on by the joy You knew that would be Yours afterward. You cheer us on by Your own example and by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit that sustains us in our struggle against sin. Keep us faithful to the finish line as it is an entry way into a life unentangled by any form of sin in the perfect world God created for us. Amen.