A Prayer For Soul-Winners

Father, You have called us to be soul-winners for the kingdom of God. There are many ways we influence unbelievers to come to Christ such as telling them the Good News that You gave Your only Son to die for their sins. We also influence them by the fruit of the Spirit that is evident in our lives and in our works. We point others to the Overcoming Christ as we overcome the trials we’re dealt in this life. We influence family, friends and co-workers when our human nature rears its ugly head and we seek repentance from You and anyone else who might be hurt by our actions. We show the way to Christ when we live above reproach, when we deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow after You. We will not judge each day by the harvest of souls we reap for Your kingdom but by the seeds that we plant, knowing that others come along and water, fertilize and may even be a part of the future harvest. All we do is for Your glory. Amen.