A Prayer For Those Waiting

Father, when we examine the emotional pain of our lives we often start out with the question of “Why?” But in hindsight, we realize that those struggles taught us practical truths that we would not have otherwise learned, and that there truly is a purpose in our pain. We often look to Joseph, not because he was a great ruler over Egypt, but because we identify with much of his life’s experiences: betrayal, fear, rejection, his being lied about, separation, unjust treatment, delays, among other struggles. You accomplished Your purpose in His life, not in spite of his trials, but through his pain-filled ordeals. His story has been a source of encouragement to us time and again as he modeled integrity in the midst of the severe struggles and sweeping storms of life. Your eternal purpose is greater than our emotional pain. Remind us that it may not just be for our own instruction but others looking on may learn from our difficult experiences. Amen.

Publiszzz on |02-10-2019|

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