A Prayer Of Thanks For God’s Creation

Father, as we consider this world and all its fullness we are blessed by the abundance of beauty – fields of daisies, the rolling hillsides, the great and small bodies of water, the sandy sea shores, the giant oaks, mountain ranges so magnificent they’re viewed for hundreds of miles, landscapes splashed with every imaginable shape and color. These views and far more than the eye can see or hands can touch are all works of Your sovereign, creative power. Yet You entrust to us soil, seeds, and plantings with which we can cultivate, plant, water, trim, and grow fruit and vegetables for our food substance and ornamentals for our pleasure. You water the earth and raise the sun each day. We expect such things, but it’s also like a pat on the back for those of us who enjoy seeing our laborious efforts in planting spring to life and give back to us sustenance, nutrition, and beauty. Though this world is not our home, it’s the only place we’ll travel before we reside in heaven, so we want to be good stewards of what You have entrusted to us. Thank You for it, in Jesus’ name. Amen.