A Prayer Of Thanks For Jesus

Father, how grateful we are that You did not withhold Your only Son, but instead You gave Him up for all of us. The angels declared that glorious Christmas night Jesus came for all the people. That includes us, 2000 years later no matter our station in life, our ethnic background, or the humble setting of our lives. In fact You commissioned angels to first appear not to kings but to lowly shepherds. Jesus arrived not on a throne but in a straw, dirt and dung filled stable, covered not in royal wrap for a prince but in ragged strips of cloth, laid not in a padded cradle, but in a straw filled animal trough. I’m so thankful that Jesus entered the dark, rough and foul setting of a stable which is symbolic of the dark, rough, and foul hearts He enters everyday to those who pray, “O come to my heart, Lord Jesus! There is room in my heart for You.”